Monday, 12 August 2013


Will no one rid me of these pestilential kittens?

I've re-homed two and taken in two more - the tabby twins. Had them a week now. They're bright, lively, and friendly as the scars on my legs caused by kittens climbing up my shorts-wearing legs will testify. One has -as I type this- just crawled onto the top of my leg. This afternoon while taking a nap, one curled up against my chest, the other against my stomach with Aelfric on the other side curled up against my thighs; Tiger was also elsewhere on the bed. They are absolutely delightful and today I took them to the vets for their first vaccination so that, in three weeks and after their second, if they're still here they won't still be here because they'll be off to the re-homing centre.

Then there's Tiny, from the first lot of kittens, and Aoife the mother of the two smallest. Tiny will be getting his first vaccination in about a week. Aoife was microchipped today because she's staying with me.

I took the tabby twins to the vets late this afternoon to be checked out, plus Aoife and her two kittens (names undecided). The little black one was fine but I just had a niggling feeling that all was not quite well with the smaller grey one. I was pleased when Louise the vet contradicted me and said she couldn't find anything wrong with her.

Like all the kittens in my house, they empty their bowels several times a day, and my house will be considerably less smelly once they've gone. Come the day!

That was my second trip to the vets today. I'd been there in the morning with Tiger for his second vaccination and decided on the spot to have him micro-chipped as he's not going anywhere. His photos never do him justice as he always looks grumpy when he's actually  a sweety. Mostly he lives in my bedroom but he never objects to the presence of Aelfric or any of the kittens. When I'm in bed at night he'll cautiously approach me but only allow me to start stroking him when he's very close up and then he'll settle down and purr loudly.

Shy of other cats and scared of other people, Fifi rarely leaves my book/DVD room but she seems happy enough, always pleased to see me, particularly if I make a fuss of her which isn't nearly as much as I should.

And then there's the cat who, despite being a complete softy, has assumed the position of top cat of number 48, Aelfric, shown here in his second favourite place to sit/lounge around in the kitchen.

Post Script.

Last Friday, after nine year old tortoiseshell Molly had had her second flu jab I took her to the re-homing centre. After spending nearly all her time in my house under the bath because she was so frightened of the other cats, though friendly and affectionate with people, I decided she'd be better off there. 

A day earlier I'd collected two year old Alfie (a spayed female) who'd been living with an elderly lady, now unable to look after her. She's a beautiful well-looked after cat who'd be best off in quiet home (i.e. no kids or other pets). The photo doesn't do her justice.


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