Thursday, 20 June 2013


The kittens are coming along nicely. While still dependent primarily on their mother, they're also eating Iams dry kitten food and drinking water from a bowl. They won't, however, touch sachets of moist kitten food. I've also stopped feeding them reconstituted kitten milk and my scars are healing up. They're running around and play fighting quite a lot. The smallest of the three will happily sit on my chest and in the crook of my arm where she'll sometimes bite and sometimes lick whatever bits of flesh she can reach and will stay there until I put her down; she's even started to purr.

After four depressing weeks without re-homing a single cat, six have gone in a week. Last Wednesday I re-homed Daisy the tabby I'd been fostering who'd started out as a savage beast I really didn't like and ended up a sweetheart I was sad to see go. On the Saturday, Crystal, a white cat with a ginger tale, went from the re-homing centre. On Monday and to the delight of everyone involved in the re-homing centre, sweet tortoiseshell mother and daughter, Amy and Annabelle, who had been with us since we opened at the beginning of December, went to a lady who'd met Susan and myself as part of her job a few years back. Then this Wednesday a young lady took two black and white cats, Felix and Tammy, from separate pens.
If only all cats weeks were like that. Re-homing a cat gives me a really special feeling; it just lifts me up. But then, re-homing animals is what Animal Krackers is all about, so here's a big thank you to everyone who helps out and to the lovely people who adopt the cats and the dogs.

Thank You!

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