Monday, 24 June 2013


I came downstairs this morning to check on the kittens and found mother, two babies, and three older kits all snuggled up together in the cat bed tucked securely under a chair. All seemed comfortable. It's now a couple of hours later and they been fed, watered (cat milked to be exact), the older kittens have run around, and all are now back in the bed. 

The photos were all taken this morning.

Lastly a photo of my pedigree British Shorthair Aelfric who loves sitting on the other side of the conservatory door watching the kittens. On a few occasions I've opened the door and he's sniffed any brave enough to approach him. He likes other cats and just wants to be friends. He is, however, shy of people and, while I can stroke him when he comes on the bed next to me which he loves, it's only recently he's begun to sit on the settee next to me.

 Okay, I'm off to do the Monday morning food and litter run.

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