Saturday, 22 June 2013


Things are more settled now some 26 hours after the birth of the second kitten. Aoife and her two babies are fine in the cage in the living room and she seems to be looking after them. It is confining in there so I've let her out while the babies, Finn and Fiona, are sleeping and opened the conservatory door. Aoife immediately went inside to use the litter tray and smacked on of the older kittens who got too close, the first I've seen her do that.

The older kittens are managing fine without her. They've been eating Iams dried kitten food for several days now and I've substituted Whiskas cat milk for Aoife's and it's going down just fine. When they're awake they run around the conservatory like, well, kittens as they climb, jump, play fight, and run. The two oldest should be ready for homing in two weeks with Tiny, the youngest in three.

I did find some bloodstains on Aoife's blanket this morning and rang the vet. Thankfully there's nothing to worry about as some leakage is normal for a few days after giving birth. All the same, I'm going to keep a close eye on her to make sure it is just a little spotting.

And now, what you've all been waiting for, kitten photos. But first a-

Some of the following photos contain images of an unsightly unshaven human with an excess of nose hair. They are not recommended for people of a sensitive disposition. Having issued this warning, your humble blogger is deemed not liable for any adverse effects. The only excuse I have for including these stomach-churning pictures is that they also depict the friendly Tiny (who will sit on my chest for as long as I let her) in close-up.

These are probably going to be the last photos of Finn and Fiona for a week or two because, to be honest, at this age they aren't really very interesting to look at.

And lastly the big kits who were photographed just a few minutes ago.

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