Sunday, 23 June 2013


All these photos were taken this morning, Sunday, 23rd June, 2013.

18 cats in all. I did include the name, age, and character of each one when I edited the photos in Picasa 3 but they haven't transferred. Most are three or under and most are friendly.

Kitten Update.

Aoife, the mother, could not settle in the cage and wanted out so I left the cage door open.  When I saw her carryingthe grey kitten to the closed conservatory door, I took the hint and put the two kits in the basket where she'd give birth to the first one. So far the other kittens have ignored the newcomers, though I just found Tiny cuddled up in the basket next to her mother and the babies. As long as Aoife's happy and the kittens aren't being bored and are getting fed, I'll leave the situation as it is but, trust me, I'm watching them.

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