Tuesday, 29 March 2011


This blog is going on hiatus for an indefinite period. 

The main reason is that I'm finding it repetitive and a chore to do. Most of the entries are pretty much variations on several themes, plus new cat photos. So if I don't have the enthusiasm for writing this blog then I have no enthusiasm to communicate.

I am not, however, stopping cat rescuing. I'm as busy as ever on that score. Currently we're in the process of renovating a large shed to make it more hygienic, easier to clean, and more cat friendly, though the number of cats we can take in will be reduced. 

We're also having to be more restrictive on the the nature of the cats we can take in. Our business is to rehome cats so our priority is to take in cats which are rehomable. This means no ferals, those with behavioural problems, and, sadly, no older cats. We can't afford, and don't have the facilities, to provide for cats on a long term basis because this limits the number of cats we can take in. Our aim is to have a fast turnover in re-homing.

Hopefully I will be back some time in the future. But goodbye for now.

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