Saturday, 12 March 2011


They like to sleep a lot.

Daisy likes to sleep on a rug in the bathroom, though if I wake at 4.00am she's usually curled up next to me. She also likes you to make a fuss of her when you are sitting on the toilet.

Blossom is the best mouser in the house, standoffish and friendly by turns.

Max is the most affectionate (needy) and also a bird killer.

(Little) Bob is the most adorable and playful and youngest (9 months) and he's never met a person or a cat he didn't like.

Toffy likes to be out all night and is friendlier outside the house than in it.

Leo is lazy, greedy, and friendly, always happy to be stroked and to steal another cat's food.

Ted, aka Big Ted, is irresistibly ingratiating and has never met an open door (house, garage, car) he didn't like.

Lily, at 9 years old, is the eldest and, sadly, gets bullied by all the others except Little Bob. Can be very affectionate but often likes to be just left alone.

4 were handed in at the shop over the years.
2 came from Carol's.
1 was found near our GP's surgery.
1 as a kitten was at risk from a dog she lived with.

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