Wednesday, 9 March 2011


The why of it is this. Tracy had rehomed a stray cat she'd taken in. However, it turned out that the  cat's owners had just moved round the corner and they got in touch with Tracy who retrieved the cat from its new owner who wanted another one instead, specifically a young neutered female. As Tracy didn't have one she contacted us and we had two candidates so I took both of them through.
Another nice day and a nice country run, at least once I got out of Durham and particularly on the steep road up to Burnhope itself, apart from the fancy car overtaking me at about 70mph on a narrow country lane. I caught up with the moron about a mile outside the village when he'd got stuck behind a van doing a measly 50. About then I passed an upturned car just off the road on my left. Someone else who'd been driving too fast no doubt.

I'm never quite sure what exactly I'm going to find when I unbar the gate to Tracy's cattery. This time two dogs raced up -one I'd met on the previous visit, the other was a terrier- both gave me and the cats a sniff and headed back the way they came. Now all that stood between me and the cattery itself was-
Tracy appeared and we got the cats settled in their new apartments -to call them cages would be an injustice- and I took another couple of pictures of cats she had available for re-homing. One was a massive black and white cat whose elderly owner had recently died.
Tracy and I chatted for a while until I saw someone at the gate and said my goodbyes. It was the people who were bringing back the re-homed cat which was now going to be re-re-homed at its original home. After I'd gone they took the tabby I'd brought as they already had a white cat.

A nice trip out in the countryside, a good chat with Tracy, and encounters with a few animals. After the weekend, a welcome change.

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