Sunday, 17 April 2011


Just let me consult my diary.

Ah yes, Wednesday 6th April. Out early (7.45am so no swimming) to collect two cats from a lady who was moving into rented accommodation. Despite being full, we managed to find homes for them both before I even picked them up. I dropped off one at Carol's to be collected later, and kept the other in the van as I'd be taking it to Seaham after having first taken another two females to Roker Park vets for neutering. I'd no sooner got through the door of the vets when C was on the phone for me to collect a mother and her five 2-days old kittens, one of which had been rejected, from Millfield and taken them over to her. In the meantime, the cat bound for Seaham had soiled the cat carrier. 

No matter, I delivered the mother and the kittens and set off for Seaham. I did get a little lost but quickly got back on track. The house was clean, the new owner a single man in his 50's whose mother had just gone into a home and I needed to explain a few basics of cat care to him but otherwise I was happy with the cat's new home. It did go behind a couch but allowed itself to be stroked.

Over a week on, the two cats new owners are both delighted with them. The mother and young kittens are all doing well, including the rejected one which C managed to get it to accept -photos in a week's time, maybe.

Time for some photos.
These tiny kittens and their mother are being fostered by Lynn.

These four are new arrivals and need a little fattening up before being re-homed.

This one's just my 9-month old Little Bob, playful, destructive, friendly, adorable and prone to bite my toes under the bedclothes at 5.30 in the morning.

Saturday 9th April.
Late morning and I was pottering about on the internet when I got a call to go to the shop to take a lady to pick a cat. Fair enough. she was elderly, lived in a quiet cul de sac and her previous cat had died not long ago. Carol had a youngish cat which she thought would be quite suitable -it was one of the two I'd taken to be neutered a few days earlier. Turns out the cat was a few weeks pregnant. Anyway, the introduction was a success and the cat has been living in its new home for a week now. Here she is.
Pretty, isn't she?

Monday, 11th/Tuesday 12th April.
Delivered a van load of dog food and bedding to Stray-Aid rescue at Coxhoe (see their website in the sidebar). While there I checked out the cattery and was pleased to see that a 10 year old cat (but thought 3, see earlier post) had been re-homed while a lovely fat long-haired ginger male was still there after three months.

Later that day I got a call to collect a cat the next morning. Again, we were full but Stray-Aid had spaces and they were happy for me to bring it as long as I got there by 9.45am.

Next morning I collected the cat from one of the filthiest flats I'd ever been to. The cat, another neutered ginger tom, had a scabby head and back, clearly the result of a flea allergy. Yet he was obviously loved as he was very friendly and the person giving him up was in tears; but she didn't know how to look after him. When he got checked over by Sue the vet at Stray-Aid, it was obvious that he was crawling with fleas. Sue gave him some basic treatment and he's probably well on the way to making a full recovery and when that's done he'll make a very attractive proposition for re-homing.

The rest of the week involved a couple of trips to the vets, a food run and a council tip run. So far for this week there's only taking the cat above to have her stitches out, but I'm sure something will turn up. The kitten in the photo below was re-homed within hours of it being taken.

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