Wednesday, 21 April 2010


So I didn't go on holiday after all. Despite that, it's been a quiet week on the animals front. I've done a couple of tip runs clearing out rubbish from the shop, taken some additional  food to Carol who now has a full quota of rescued cats with none going out, and taken one dog to the vet's. There'll be another food run on Saturday, probably another tip run or two over the weekend, and two cats to the vets for neutering on Monday morning and that, bar the unexpected, is that for the next few days..

I also emailed Cats Protection, the national charity which supplies us with neutering vouchers (worth up to a maximum of £30.00), to ask for some more. They only allocate us 3 pads (25 vouchers per pad) and have already sent me one in advance, so I only have about 60 vouchers to last the next 12 months which means I'll have to make sure that none are wasted and all are used.

It's possible I may yet be able to fly out to Lanzarote on Thursday 29th April but I'll believe that when the plane lands at Arecife airport.

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