Friday, 2 April 2010


It wasn't lost, it was dumped because it was a he and no good for breeding. He was found wandering around and taken to Carol who immediately contacted me who contacted Andrea and then I went to get it to take it to Ferryfarm Kennels where the following photo was taken. Only about 12 weeks old, all legs and shaking, I gave him several cuddles before I left.
Next morning,Graham, a rep from Everest, came (at Susan's request) to sell us some double glazing and he turned out to be an animal lover who, at some point, might be interested in fostering a dog and would call in at Ferrfarm to check things out later that day.

That afternoon, Andrea and I picked up the puppy (which Andrea named -yuck!- Rupert) and took him to see Honour at Vets4Pets. He was in a happier mood than the day before, wagging his tale and jumping up at us. In the van he settled happily on Andrea's lap -on the way back, he curled up on it and fell asleep. Honour checked him out, declared him generally healthy, apart from a small heart murmur which he may well grow out of, and gave him an injection.

Back at Ferryfarm, Graham had arrived and took to the puppy immediately and yes he would foster the dog. He'd keep it with him in his car when he drove to appointments, which is nice. We sorted him out with food, a collar and bedding,noticing that Rupert was no bother at all on the lead and didn't pull. He's a sweet natured dog and we'll have no problem finding him a home. I suspect Graham would probably like to keep him but he spends most of his spare time aware from his home where he lives by himself.


What else have I been doing?

The usual mix of taking cats to the vets, tip runs, sending out neutering vouchers, getting cat food. I visited one house where they'd just taken in a youngish stray but had never had a cat before and was able to give them some advice as well as a voucher -nice family, lucky cat.

Followng a great re-homing run, we've now had a run the other way with unwanted cats filling Carol's shed. That's the way it goes I suppose.

The shop has been shut for the last two weeks as we've been having a new front put on, electric shutter installed, massive redecoration, followed by a stock re-organisation, and a demand from the council for an application for planning permission for the shop front.

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