Thursday, 8 April 2010


Pick up a young female for neutering and here she is.
A nice little thing with a faint cry.

Back home and after a swim, trip to the post office, and  to Asda for diesel, I settle in for the morning to do a preliminary sort of what I'm taking to Lanzarote but I'm interrupted by a phone call telling me that no-one can get into the shop because the shutter fob and front door key have not been left at the shop. So, a quick trip to Big Ian's to get his keys and open the new electric shutter. The new front door, however, poses a problem as no-one can get the key to turn, though someone eventually does manage.

By the time this is all sorted, it's just about time for me to pay a rare visit to a pub at lunchtime. The occasion is the 60th birthday of my ex-library colleague Ashley, a lovely man  who's also a carer for his elderly mother. It's a quickish one pint job. Home for lunch and a nap then over to Carol's with the now neutered cat where I take some photographs.

This friendly little thing has been re-homed in the three hours since I left Carol's.

Here's another photo of Ginger the shorn and neutered tom from the previous post. He's a bit depressed at the moment but should pick up in a few days. You can see his bald patch quite clearly.
Here are some more.

He's still settling in. The next one is of two semi-ferals. They won't take your hand off if you stroke them but they don't like it.
And last but not least, some else who's had his fur shaved. He's an oldish cat but a real sweetie.

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