Wednesday, 7 April 2010


This poor soul was dumped on Carol after he had been found wandering the streets of Southwick and was in a terrible condition. His fur had matted into thick spikes sticking off the top of his body, he smelled and he probably had fleas. I took him to Roker Park Vets on Tuesday morning where, after an examination, he was left to have his matted fur removed and then neutered. If you look carefully you can see that he had a shaven patch on the top left of his back. He also has a lot of flea dirt and has been treated for that. The vet says his teeth are good and he's probably about five. He looks and is depressed but should perk up once he's settled in at Carol's.

This morning I came back from having a coffee in town with ex-library staff to find a message from the shop about a pregnant cat being dumped with someone. I rang the someone who said that he'd found the cat in a cardboard box on his doorstep and his sister said it was pregnant but he couldn't look after it. I suspect that may not quite be the real story as it isn't unknown for us to hear porkies (pork pies: lies) from people who want to get rid of their, or maybe a friend or relative's, animals but say they'd found them. Still, it's the animal which counts.

I checked with Carol that she'd take it and called round. The cat, barely more than a kitten herself, was sitting relaxed on the top of a couch and barely reacted when I picked her up. He nipples were swollen so she was definitely pregnant (6 weeks Carol reckoned). At Carol's she was placed in a small shed with one other occupant -a four month old kitten wanting a new home. And here she is.
Pretty, isn't she?

I'll report on her progress as I can't imagine her being rehomed until her kittens are ready for homing as well. I hope to have lots of photos of her and kittens over the next few weeks.

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