Tuesday, 27 April 2010


Two from StrayAid at Coxhoe just down the A1M where I went last week to drop off some food and bedding.

First thing Monday morning and off to Carol's to pick up two males for neutering and then to the Raich Carter Centre for my morning swim. Here's another photo of Chloe the heavily pregnant cat. She is such a sweet little cat, very fussy about what she eats, but otherwise totally adorable and I want to take her home and know that I can't. susan and I agreed that we are not taking in any more young cats.
Back home I sort out some paperwork, including filling in two neutering vouchers for the cats I've just dropped off. Later, Carol phones to ask if I can get two more males booked in for tomorrow morning as they are spraying and are pretty smelly -I can. It's also urgent because the van is out of action on Wednesday because of its service and MOT and I'm (hopefully) off to Lanzarote on Thursday barring more volcanic eruptions in Iceland. Then I get a call from Animal Krackers shop about two people who want neutering vouchers for their cats. Counting the two I delivered at the weekend, that's 8 vouchers in about 3 days and I've only got just over 50 to last till the end of next March. Houston, we have a problem.
This unnamed cat makes a habit of climbing down between the two cages. He's a friendly thing and I don't know why no-one has taken him yet,
A nice looking cat, recently arrived, but none too friendly yet.

Off to the bank to cash a cheque to buy cat food for Carol then off to Asda to spend cash on same. 
At home we've been having a bit of a flea problem so Susan and I spend most of the afternoon stripping the bedroom and spraying chairs, bed and floor with flea killer. I also dose the cats. In between sessions, I pick up the cats from the vets and take them back to Carol's where I also unload all the food. One of the cats howls the whole time but seems nice enough otherwise and the other is hopefully going to be rehomed that evening.
Another recent arrival, just a bog-standard black cat with a friendly nature.

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