Sunday, 28 December 2014


It didn't take long for Xmas to be over. Christmas Day itself was spent with my exes -with my ex-wife at my ex-brother-in-law's house for Xmas dinner with my ex-sister-in-law, my ex-niece, my ex-nephew, and their (my ex-) auntie, and then tea at my ex-wife (the same one)'s house for tea with my ex- but we've already been there. 
Boxing Day was a genuinely lazy day which is all that needs to be said about it.

On Saturday things picked up again. Out relatively early to the wilds beyond the boundaries of the mighty metropolis of Sunderland and into places where plants grow wild -it think it's called the country- (well, not really wild as it's pretty much all farms and villages and small towns- to a place called Great Lumley, which has a castle, to do a home check which was very satisfactory apart from my satnav trying to guide me into a car park in Houghton-le-Spring.

Then on to Ferry Farm to meet a nice family who selected Tina the unusually marked tortoiseshell I'd fostered. In the very short time she's been with them Tina has clearly decided she's landed on her feet and is making the most of it to the delight of her new family. A little later I'd just had my lunch when I got a call from people wanting to visit the same day. Right now, I suggested forgoing the coffee I'd just started to drink and delaying the nap I'd been anticipating. Right now it was and Annabelle, a cute torty who lived in the pen next to Tina, went to live with a lady, just a little younger than myself, and her husband.

So when is this erroneous chihuahua going to get here? you're wondering. Right now, I answer.

I arrived at a house in Castletown (a district of Sunderland which has the remains of a castle -there are castles all over the place around here) where S, who has a chihuahua, was fostering Tinker a cat (who, for some, reason, I misremembered as Rosie, well, sort of) and had a chihuahua I'd met and liked a week ago. S was surprised to see me and hadn't exchanged emails with me. The cat was settling in albeit avoiding the little friendly dog. I was making a fuss of it as I had the week before but made the mistake of assuming a familiarity not shared by the little dog which sank its teeth into the base of thumb when I tried to pick it up. Silly me. Oh well. Still bleeding, I said goodbye, and headed off to Ferry Farm to meet three groups of people (one of which didn't turn up so it was only two).

One family was already there, mum, dad, with future daughter in law who had decided she wanted to take Ember and Smudge, two young black cats, and take them she did. Which was when I got a phone call from A who was wondering where I'd got to having expected me an hour earlier to pick up Rosie (or, as I knew her, Fluffy). A, who also has a chihuahua, was expecting me to collect Fluffy as, sadly, it wasn't working out. |I'd got the two chihuahuas mixed up. Rather than delay things any longer, A brought Fluffy back to Ferry Farm and I apologised. I should have known better and I have a lot of excuses but basically I made erroneous assumptions. The family from Great Lumley also arrived and picked the young white and tabby Maisie the star (with her kittens) of several posts earlier this year.

And I'm back again tomorrow to meet another couple who are interested in adopting a cat. It's a busy end to a busy year and I wouldn't have it any other way. Next post will be the official Animal Krackers New Year's Message probably on New Year's Eve or New Years Day, unless anything interesting happens in the meantime.

Here's Beverley, a fluffy and likeable new arrival at our re-homing centre.

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