Thursday, 18 December 2014


Apart from being Animal Krackers' fantastic secretary, this year Joanna has been fostering and re-homing lots of kittens for us. And rabbits. And guinea pigs.

There’s no room at the Inn!!

2014 has been a massive eye opener for me about working in animal rescue.  Volunteers at Animal Krackers don’t stroll about stroking the occasional purring cat and taking a dog for a walk in the sunshine; they work really hard, like 'slog your guts out until midnight' hard. And it’s not all about those who help with the animals, there are lots of people behind the scenes tirelessly raising money so Animal Krackers can continue its work.

I’ve been seriously involved with the charity for over a year and not only does it take over your life, it takes over your house! This Christmas I will have 12 kittens (7 of which are semi-feral), 5 cats, 12 rabbits and 2 guinea pigs in residence.

I thought I’d just pay tribute to some of the special little lives that have come through our doors this year.

Winnie who was handed in at Animal Krackers shop and was one of the most loving rabbits I’ve ever known. This is her licking the bars of her cage (one of her favourite past-times!)

Scrappy, the kitten who was motherless and had such severe neurological damage that he had to be put to sleep. A thousand tears were cried for this little one!

Evelyn, a giant bunny, who had been used as a breeding doe her whole life and had never known anything else other than her small hutch. She is now living free in Andrea’s garden.

Grace, a beautiful cat, who was living in a wendy house with her 3 kittens at a women’s refuge after her owner had run from a situation of horrific domestic abuse. Grace has found a wonderful home where she is treated like a queen.

Rita, one of 4 giant bunnies, rescued from a terrible situation in Gateshead. Pledges of help from rabbit lovers came from all over the UK for this poor bunny family. Rita is now living in luxury near Ferry Farm in South Hylton.

Lily, who with her two brothers was rehomed to a happy home in Essex (after being driven the hundreds of miles by an AK volunteer, of course!)

Nigel and Boris, who were terrified when they arrived and, after having Laura, a dedicated fosterer, working with them every day, have now found a forever home where they are enjoying lots of attention.

5 sweet kittens whose mother, Dorothy, died of lymphoma while they were still tiny. They have all found loving homes and the black one Dot, is the image of her mother. Although we couldn't save Dorothy she lives on through her little daughter.

Simon, the rabbit who thinks he’s a cat. This bunny sleeps, plays and chases his fosterer’s kittens everywhere. We’re still waiting for him to purr!

Annabel, who is currently at Ferry Farm waiting for a new owner. She can’t stand other cats but was one of the sweetest, most protective mothers we’ve ever seen.

And finally 3 of my own, all adopted from Animal Krackers and adored beyond all things!!

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