Monday, 8 December 2014


Timmy has been with me a week now. Now he's not so timid and has the run of the house.

With him being removed from the conservatory that allowed Minnie, still very nervous, to be moved into it today from the cage.

Willow who I took in a few weeks ago has gone, but not very far. A few feet away in fact to next door where, after a week, she's been seen asleep snuggled up to their elderly labrador.

Tomorrow it's goodbye to fluffy black  Skye (and Tomtom the black kitten-cat) as they go to the vets for their second vaccination and then to our Ferry farm re-homing centre. Tomtom is in the next picture down.

And here's Fluffy who went to Ferry Farm a week or so back. She's gorgeous and a big softy. The colour is more accurate in the first photo.

 On to other matters.

The new piece of cat furniture I recently acquired remains popular with my cats, which is just as well.

Bad December
Last year December was our quietest month from a re-homing point of view and this one is shaping up to be just the same. The remaining empty pens at Ferry Farm are all booked so the place will be full very soon and will be likely to stay that way until the New Year. None of our fosterers have any spaces either. Unfortunately the numbers of cats that need somewhere to stay because, for whatever reasons, their owners can no longer keep them have drastically increased which means I'm having to say no, sorry, try the website Cat Chat Tyne & Wear several times a day.

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Hi I'm looking for a lost cat and don't know where to start,could u help me? I'm in Easington county durham