Sunday, 14 December 2014


Lightning is the seven month old and very nervous kitten-cat I took in three days ago. But before I get onto him here's a progress report on Timmy and Minnie, both very nervous, who arrived a couple of weeks earlier.

It didn't take long for one year old Timmy to settle in. He has the run of the house, goes where he wants, isn't bothered by the other cats, and will sit on my knee if he feels like it. I found him upstairs in the book room when I went to take photos of Lightning. He's big and beautiful and needs a more appropriate name than (Timid) Timmy.

Minnie, however, doesn't want to leave the conservatory. she's happy enough for me to come in and make a fuss of her but hisses at the sight of any of the other cats.

Meanwhile, back in the book room, here's Emma, a nice gentle girl who's one of my permanent residents.

And finally back to Lightning who I was really quite worried about. He hated being in the cage, but when I let him out, he'd disappear and was very good at hiding. Luckily he found a place behind a large flattened storage box propped up against a cupboard door which made it easy for me get hold of him/stroke him and harder for him to get away. After a couple of sessions this afternoon, he's now used to me and actively rubs against my hand He doesn't, unlike Minnie, seem to be bothered by the other cats.

If there's one thing I've learned about fostering cats, it's that even the most nervous will, given space and time, come around. They may not all become socialised with other cats but they will with people.

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