Tuesday, 14 January 2014


Every so often I get emails, or texts, or just a phone call letting me know how an adopted cat is getting on and it's usually well. I love getting these because it reassures me that a cat has gone to the right people. I don't normally print them but I am these because they are just so nice. They're from a couple who live a few miles west of the City of Durham and adopted Tink the cat I took in on Christmas Eve.

Hi Ian,

Just a quick email to send you a HUGE thanks for enabling us to find & re-home Tink (now re-named Albie, though Tink will always be a nickname we call him).

He's already stolen our hearts and put a smile back on our faces. He's settled in very well, our 2 other cats Bertie & Mouse are still a little wary of him (as he is them) but there's been hourly progress in everyone's mutual acceptance. We're sure it won't be long before they're all inseparable. He's extremely humble and although he's becoming very curious, he's being patient and his attempts at making friends are slow and very gentle. There's already been some nose to nose without any discontent.

We know he hasn't come out of his shell and are both looking forward to seeing his true personality once he knows he's secure here. Saying that, he had a daft half hour earlier today and literally hammered up and down our stairs playing hide and seek with me.

I rang Petplan yesterday and got the best cover available for him (the same as our other two cats). He's eating really well too.

I'll keep you updated with his settling in & we both can't thank you enough for your fantastic blog allowing us to find him (looks like you've had a very busy time since we saw you).

Here's some pics of Albie in his new home too.

All the best from both of us,

Bronia & Jonny

From a follow up email:

We've had more exciting progress with Albie since I last emailed. Last night he lay on the sofa next to Jonny and rested his front paws against him (he's progressed from his first day where he chose to lie on our wooden stairs looking down into our living room from his safe higher place). Yesterday he took to lying on the back of the sofa and by the evening lay on the actual seat of the sofa with Jonny - it was funny as Jonny had very little room when Albie got even more comfy, relaxed and long. This has been where he's settled for most of today. Next step will hopefully be on Jonny's lap but we'll be patient.

To our amusement,  he tried to instigate a game with our 15 month old cat (Mouse) today by scooting along the top of the sofa, pulling his chunky self along with big eyes towards her. She was a bit threatened and gave a small hiss before running away but she's very playful with our eldest cat Bertie, so I'm sure it won't be long before they're hammering around chasing each other and playing.

They're all sleeping in the same room by choice and are much more accepting of each other already, although still a little wary.

Albie follows Jonny around wherever he goes, which is just too cute (even to the toilet, ha). I'll be sure to keep you posted with his stories.

He's an absolute little ray of sunshine in our lives. Please keep up the great work you do, we'll be rooting for all the rescue cats to find their forever homes.

Thanks millions again,
Bronia & Jonny

And thank you too, and all the other lovely people, who have adopted our cats and given them  such good homes.

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