Wednesday, 8 January 2014


"Temporarily traumatic Tuesday"? Meh! The quality of my post titles has just succumbed to a sudden drop in quality. However on with the story.

This is Hero.

Arrived on Friday.

Listed on Friday.

Re-homed on Monday.

Returned on Tuesday.

Which is the fastest turnover of a cat I've known and it's all his fault. Well, almost all. When he rolled over in his pen to have his tummy rubbed by a small boy, he seemed ideal. Sadly it didn't last as within hours of arriving at his new home he turned into psycho cat going for said small boy. Understandably his new owner wanted to bring him back which she duly did. And took a nice little tabby recommended by Dawn who looks after the cats at our re-homing centre.

I think I may have made a mistake in allowing him to be re-homed so quickly as we didn't have time to assess his character properly. It may also have been too many changes in his life in too short a period. He also hadn't been neutered though he will have by now as I dropped him off at the vets for that very purpose four hours ago.

I was also due to take Roger the nice big black cat to be neutered but that proved unnecessary. Wendy the vet called in to adopt one of our dogs being kept there. As it was her first visit she had a good look round and told Mark the owner of Ferry Kennels that Roger had been neutered but because it had been when was older it just appeared as if he hadn't..

And then there's the cat that I have cruelly but temporarily called Stumpy. If you look closely at the first photo you'll see why. 

This poor little soul is the stray cat being fed and sheltered on nights at St.Anthony's Girls School in Sunderland. They contacted me on Monday teatime to tell me that she was injured and could we help. I picked her up, took her to the vets where I found out she'd broken her tail. They kept her in overnight and amputated it yesterday, leaving a small and currently hairless stump behind. 

I decided to bring her home to my house to recuperate in the conservatory and called in at the school on the way back to let them know and that if anyone wanted to come to my house to check on her then they were more than welcome.

She is traumatised, poor little thing, but responds to affection. She's not eating much but she has eaten something. I've decided to keep her for three weeks until her second flu jab and then, when there's space, take her to the re-homing centre. I'm also going to add her to the cats needing homes list. If anyone's interested they can come and look at her but I won't let her go anywhere for at least another two weeks. Initial impressions, which can be misleading as recent events have proved, are that she is a gentle friendly little thing. I think she's quite young but I'll ask for a more informed guess when I take her back to the vets on Saturday for a check-up.

Here's a nicer photo or two.

Oh the heck with it. I've been saying how much she reminds me of Lucy, mine and Susan's first cat together, so Lucy she is and I'll never mention the S-name again.

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