Friday, 24 January 2014


Without going into personal reasons, someone needed to have six young cats re-homed. She was keeping three other cats, a staffie, three tanks of fish, two pythons, one coral snake and one tarantula.

I'd already collected a friendly ginger kitten from her earlier in the week which I'd taken to Carole's for re-homing. Today I picked up the six for their first flu jab. They're already booked in in ten days time for neutering and spaying. In the vets they behaved perfectly. All are very friendly and socialised with cats and people, even children. So, in three weeks time or thereabouts and if there's space, they will be appearing live and confined at our cat rescue for an unscheduled period. They'll be available either individually or (two or even more) together. 

I was originally told that there were four males and two females so I decided to name the males: Jerry, Bob, Phil, and Bill. There is a link between these names but only the very coolest and  hippest of readers among you will pick up on it. But the info was wrong; it's the other way around so the boys are now called Ginger One and Ginger Two; boring but accurate. The four girls I'm now calling: Jenny, Victoria, Miranda, and Shappi. The connection here is a lot easier to get. And, no, they aren't the real names of the Spice Girls, or any girl band for that matter.

Here they are in name order.

And a few more.

Provisional expressions of interest can be sent to me at the usual email address.

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