Thursday, 31 October 2013


I'm a big fan of late period Dion so that explains the title.

It doesn't? Oh, okay.

Dion (Di Muci) was a 50's teen idol, a tough short Italian-American kid, whose star faded with the arrival of The Beatles and the rest of the British groups. But he never went away and from the late 80s onwards made a series of excellent intelligent albums. One of them (and one of his best) is Yo Frankie (1989) so, having seen his nature, I decided to call the new kitten (see previous post) Frankie-

-because he's a tough little dude (though I gave him the name when I thought he was dudette -the song's about a girl).

After a day I decided to let him out of solitary (semi-solitary, that is, he was sharing the room with Growler) and put him in with the gen pop (general population, that is; of cats). And he fitted in just fine, soon playing with the other kittens and play-chasing them even though they were twice his size. Like I said, he's a tough little dude.

Then last night I got a shock and I couldn't believe I hadn't noticed it before. Embedded firmly in his little head was a number of small ticks. Next morning I took him to the vets, along with (not-so) Tiny who had been booked in to be spayed. Helen, the nurse, who saw him must have removed well over twenty before spotting him with tick-killer. Not just on his head, they were inside his ears and on various other parts of his body including between his toes. 

Just a few minutes ago I found another. The stuff is supposed to take about 24 hours to work completely so I'll check him about eleven tomorrow morning to see if it'll drop off. He's back in solitary till then.

He is a nice little cat and often follows me around or climbs onto my knee (with his tiny sharp little claws) as I sit at this keyboard. Fingers crossed, it won't be long before he gets a home.

Post Script.

We've re-homed another couple of cats from the re-homing centre. But I also transferred Ellie from my house to there. I've got to get the numbers down in my house to about four because it's just too small and, as they currently can't get outside because the only safe way into the garden is through the conservatory (aka solitary/ isolation which has been use from within a month of me moving in.

Also got a new volunteer cat cuddler, a nice young woman who seems keen.

Give Dion a listen, you might be pleasantly surprised.

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Safe Haven Hotel said...

Frankie is adorable! Congrats on the recent's to many more!