Monday, 7 October 2013


No, of course it isn't me! What kind of a world would this be if something like that could happen?

The BBC Comes To Animal Krackers.

It's Andrea.

A small team of two arrived to follow Andrea around to see what AK did with regards rescuing, concentrating on dogs. We were just one of several rescues they were filming for an hour long documentary to be shown on BBC1 in either the 8.00pm or 9.00pm slot. Susan did mention me and the cats to them but was informed that it makes it more accessible for the audience to focus on the fewer people the better. Which was fine with me. AK getting tv exposure can only help us and is all that matters.

Anyway, last Friday morning I was at the re-homing centre to meet a potential adopter. When I arrived I checked my text messages and sure enough the person I was due to meet had already found a cat. sorry and all that. Oh well, it happens. 

I'd also brought a load of Fiprospot and Drontal was fleas and worms so I decided to make a start on spotting the cats on the back of the neck. I was just about to get the stuff from the van when Andrea and the BBC people (who were both very nice) turned up. The BBC consisted of a bearded guy in his (and my apologies if I've got it wrong) forties who was cameraman, producer, and interviewer with a young woman (no, I'm definitely not going there) whom I assumed was the researcher/assistant/whatever and they wanted to see the cats as, it turned out, they were both cat people and the assistant had even read my blog. She thought it contained some very perceptive observations about cat behaviour. I restrained myself from asking if she was sure it was my blog she'd been reading. Anyway they thought it would be a good idea if they filmed me and Andrea putting the flea stuff on the cats and then doing a joint piece to camera. So that's what we did.

Whether any of this actually appears in the finished programme only time will tell, if, indeed, it even does get shown. Nothing is certain in the world of media until it's actually happened, so I'm not holding my breath.

I did shed some blood though as a cat who, one moment was licking my chin and purring loudly, the next attacked my hand.

We're Full.

I was back again the next morning to take in two cats two occupy the final two available pens. That's because, after averaging one re-homing a week, we haven't re-homed any in six weeks and I'm getting pretty sick.

Here they are.

This is Milo. He knew something was up because he'd been avoiding his owner all week and two visits had to be cancelled because he disappeared. The lady who owned him had to give him up because her younger son developed a massive allergy (I saw the photo) to him. Needless to say, he was very nervous and I made the mistake of picking him up. This turned out to be the equivalent of sticking an electric prod up his bum as he went wild with claws flying in all directions and ripping open a wound down my chin. His owner was mortified and even rang me later to make sure I was okay. But it was my daft fault. A while later he'd calmed down which was when I took this photo.

And this is Max, a recently neutered stray of unknown age, the final arrival. As he was growling I just left him alone.

This is the pretty girl who licked my chin then attacked my hand. I like to think the latter act is out of character.

The Cat In The Conservatory.

As in my conservatory.

He was dumped on meby Susan, despite my reluctance, last week. So far all he does is eat, sleep, sit, pee, crap, and growl at me if I go anywhere near him.

He's called Tut but I can think of other names for him which I won't repeat in this blog.

Kittens Re-homed.

If Moustache hadn't happened to find a home I wouldn't be stuck with Tut.

Also re-homed is one of Aoife's kittens, the little grey one. To be honest, I wasn't sure if this would take but it's been about five days now and I've heard nothing which I'm cautiously assuming is a good sign.

The Kittens (and One Cat) In The Shop.

I called in at the shop a week last Sunday morning after going for the paper and within five minutes I had all three simultaneously climbing all over me and purring loudly.

The one at the top has a slightly deformed front right leg. It's shorter than the other and the claws are turned inward. It doesn't stop him getting about but I hope whoever gets him keeps him as a housecat. All three would make delightful pets.

More Kittens At Carole's.

These five were found in a box dumped by the side of the road. All female, all tortoishell.

Another Cute Photo Of Fifi and Aelfric.

Fifi is ever vigilant.

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