Monday, 28 October 2013


Little (Lost?) Kitten.

I now have ten animals of the feline persuasion in my house which is at least five, maybe six, too many. The latest arrived last night following a phone call about a crying kitten, about six weeks old, which had followed the caller home and he couldn't keep it.  If it had been an adult cat I'd have had to refuse for several reasons but kittens are far more vulnerable.

It may belong to someone in a house near to the caller but it was shut up and dark. They may just have been out or they may have moved and left the kitten. This sort of thing happens upsettingly often. If I've still got her in a week's time I can legally re-home her which is what I'll try and do.

She was very scared and crying a lot. She was also very hungry. So I fed her and tried to settle her down in the conservatory with Growler (aka Tut) of whom more later. Once she got used to me and stopped hissing, she became friendly and purred loudly when I stroked her. This morning she was still hissing when I picked her up but not struggling to get away from me. Later on she became quite playful. She's a nice little thing and will make a good pet.

Here she is.

My Cats: An Update.

I can now stroke Growler (aka Tut) a little longer than when he first arrived. But not by much. He isn't aggressive either towards me or other cats or kittens as long as we keep our distance. But the problem remains: unless he settles down, he's going to be impossible to re-home and will have to go to the re-homing centre where he'll inevitably spend the rest of his life. 

Ellie the kitten-cat who was spayed and ripped her stitches out is fine. She isn't as affectionate as I first thought she was going to be though she is friendly. Mostly she sleeps on my bed and next to me if I'm on or in it. As she's re-homeable I'll book her in for the centre.

Fifi, the first cat I fostered when I moved to my current address, has, after months of only allowing Aelfric into her space, has turned motherly and adopted one of the kittens which is a big surprise and is rather cute.

Tilly, the grey kitten with the bug in her gut making her loose and poo all over the place so she's on pills and had to be isolated in the conservatory, is improving and back in with the general population mainly because she was desperate to play with her two siblings. If I can get her gut cleaned up permanently she'll make someone a lovely cat.

Tiger hasn't changed in any way unless it's to put on a little weight. He's easily the biggest cat in the house and also the one who is most intimidated by the others. He likes to come up to me on the bed to be stroked but not if another cat is within a couple of feet of me and he'll let the kittens steal his food (he gets chicken because he's so damn finicky but really prefers expensive dried food).

Not quite finally, the two older kittens who are almost identical apart from the placings of a few white hairs in a sea of black and are also almost identical in character, are coming up for a certain minor op. The female, who is a month older, is being spayed this week. The photo below is of one of them, just don't ask me which. It might be the one snuggled up to Fifi, it might not. 

Aelfric, no new photo, continues to be playful, loveable, friendly. Aoife (ditto), the kittens mother, remains quiet and quietly friendly, letting me know with an unsheathed claw when she wants affection.

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