Monday, 3 September 2012


And why do we have so many?

The truth about cat rescuing 2012.

I've been involved in the rescue and re-homing of cats and kittens for several years. It's something that's been taking more and more of my time since the focus of Animal Krackers moved from being an animal rescue support group into a rescue ourselves as people started bringing animals to us and we took in Carole after she left Pawz for Thought.

This is the worst year I've known since I became actively involved. The worst by far.

Here are a few basic facts.

We now have more cats and kittens waiting for homes than at any time in our ten year history. Waiting for homes that aren't coming. Last week Animal Krackers and its kitten problem was publicised with a video on the Sky News website (thanks Nisha, who did a great job), there was an article with photos in The Mail Online (the world's most popular newspaper website), and an interview on local radio. 

We have not got a single home as a result.

We have re-homed very few cats and kittens in the last few months.

I receive at least one, often two, calls a day asking if we can take in a cat.

Today I received SIX and had to turn down every one.

We have over 20 kittens that we will have to try to re-home as cats in about three months time. They are all lovely and socialised with other cats, kittens, dogs, and people.

The cat re-homing centre (which still isn't ready thanks to builders' delays) will be full on the day it opens.

If I sound dispirited, that's because I am. I hate turning down people who've found a stray cat or need to re-home their own or a relatives. I hate it because I'll never know what happens to the animal I've refused. But I have no choice.

We have very limited resources and they have gone beyond their limit. Because of the number of animals we have, food and vets bills keep increasing increasing. 

I can't begin to tell you how much I appreciate the kind people who foster cats and kittens for us but we can never have enough of them. 

We are a small local charity and what we need more than anything else is people who want cats and kittens and will give them a good home.

Where are you all?

I still haven't answered the two questions I posed at the beginning. The reason for that is that I don't know the answers. I don't know what more we can do to find homes for all these cats and kittens who are depending on us.

I took these photos last week. The larger cats are young neutered females who have adopted (or allowed themselves to be adopted by) the kitten next to them. Please, somebody, give them a home.

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