Wednesday, 5 September 2012


When I called round at Carole's yesterday to do a tip run (for those new to this blog, I fill the van up with sacks of used cat litter and soiled bedding and take it to the council tip), I found two young neutered ginger cats. They are brother and sister and seem to get on very well with each other and so we'd like them re-homed together. They're also both very friendly. When I sat down on a settee where the female was sitting on the top, she came down and snuggled up against me.

Here are a few photos. The boy is immediately below.

If you sit down at Carole's it usually isn't long before you get jumped on by a cat or climbed on by a kitten. I first picked up a tiny little tortoiseshell who happens to be my favourite. She loves being picked up and stroked and will quite happily stay me with as long as I let her.

This time some kittens came to my attention as well as the usual suspects who always demand attention like a lovely black kitten called Leona who won't be a kitten for much longer. The first one I picked up was a tabby about three months old. The usual stuff: stroke kitten, kitten purrs, rubs against your face, snuggles in. The big surprise was that he'd been feral when he arrived, all hiss and spit and don't touch me. Now he's just a sweetie.

The second was also a tabby; a relative newcomer who tried to assert himself as Top Kitten by going around mugging all the others. Now he'd become another little softie.

The third was a tiny black and white kitten curled up on the settee next to me hoping I hadn't noticed him. But I had and picked him up. He didn't like this as he tried to get away but, as gently as I could, I held onto him and it didn't take long before he relaxed and snuggled in just like the others had done.

Here they are.

Somebody give them a bloody home please.

There's no black kitten because I couldn't get a good shot of him.  Here are some other photos.

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