Friday, 31 August 2012


We appear to have two guests currently staying at the shop. Whether they are permanent or temporary guests only time will tell. As they haven't given us their names, I decided it fell to me to name them and so, with my usual wit and imaginative flair, here are-

Shop Cat

and Black Bunny
I know, I'm just awesome, aren't I?

Shop Cat had originally been taken in by one of our fosterers. She was in such bad shape that it was thought she might have feline AIDS and so to keep her from giving it to the fosterer's other cats, she was moved to the shop. A blood test proved negative and veterinary treatment, along with some tlc, improved her condition immensely.

She's now lived in the shop for around three weeks and pretty much has the run of the back of the place. This includes the yard but she's shown no sign of wanting to jump the walls and the one time she got out the back gate she hurriedly ran back in. Much of the time she spends upstairs in a light airy room with a bay window she can look out of. 

One thing she does love, apart from food and sleep like all cats, is people. She likes people so much she can't stop drooling when she's made a fuss of. She simply can't get enough affection and returns it by purring softly and rubbing against any part of you she can reach. Rather appealingly, the pink tip of her tongue is nearly always visible. As you can imagine, she's endeared herself to everyone who works in the shop.

We've no idea how old she is but from the lack of teeth I'd guess she's at least nine, possibly several years older. It would be nice if she got a home of her own, preferably without any other cats, but she could be a lot worse off than having the run of the shop and getting regular attention for people. She's certainly happy here.

As for Black Bunny, I have less to say. BB is, as you can see, a bonny bunny. She's quite inquisitive which you can tell from the way she hops around the back yard when she's let out of her cage. She's quite happy to be picked up and stroked which, as anyone who's ever cuddled a bunny will tell you, is very therapeutic and relaxing. A nice home with a garden would be better for her though.

I'll leave you with one more photo of Shop Cat.

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