Thursday, 23 August 2012


Warning: this post includes a dog.

And here it is at the vets where it was checked out. We had re-homed but after some time the owner got sick of him and wanted a kitten instead. If she did get one it wasn't from us. For a jack russell, he's a quiet and gentle little thing as well as being very friendly. I think he's got a new home.

The cats in the next two photos don't need a home. They're my boys. Leo is the one in the bath and Ted is the one in the cat furniture.

Next up are two friendly adult males who do need homes. The second one was brought to Carole by the police.

Below are two kittens from the same litter. They belong to a lady who keeps taking in waifs and strays, their mother being one of them. She called me because the one in the front has a sore bottom but when I took a look at her sister I picked up her as well because of an eye infection. Wendy the vet didn't think they were in a good condition at all with fleas and worms being only another part of the problem. She's keeping them in overnight and I'm taking their brother to her (Wendy that is) in the morning. Incidentally, the colour balance is correct, the kitten really does look like that.

I was at Carole's this morning after leaving the vets bringing her a van load of food. While there, a little tortie kitten kept crying at me until I picked her up whereupon she immediately snuggled against me, purring loudly when not chewing on my hand. Here are just a few more kitten photos.

There's been no work done on the cat re-homing centre for the last two weeks because no-one turned up to do it. However, I got a phone call from the boss of the company that's doing it to assure me it would all be complete by next week and could he have the rest of the money, please.  I'll let you know next week if it's actually happened.

I may also be able to let you know next week if we've been filmed for Sky TV.

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