Monday, 27 August 2012


When I say BSKYB, what I really mean is a charming petite young woman called Nisha who acted as director, cameraperson, soundperson, and interviewer. A genuine animal lover, she'd got in touch with us with a view to doing a piece about kittens needing homes for their news webpage. 

We, that is Susan, me (wearing the Animal Krackers t-shirt I'd had done four years ago), and ~Andrea who turned up later, met Nisha at Carole's where, with our help, she attempted to get lots of shots of cute kittens. Getting them to do what she wanted, however, wasn't that easy. Most of the time I sat back and nursed either a small tortoiseshell kitten that I knew was particularly affectionate or the more nervous of two recently arrived ginger kittens (see photos below). The kitten was very loud but calmed down quickly as I calmly nursed her.

After a while, Nisha decided she wanted to do the interview about why we had so many kittens, how we ended up with them, and why people should adopt a kitten. We did it with me on a settee holding the ginger kitten. Some of my interview, I was told, was actually quite good and some, I already knew as at least a couple of times I broke off and apologised, were crap. 

Ninety minutes later we headed off to Ferryfarm Kennels to see the half-completed cat re-homing centre. Nisha took a couple of shots but there really isn't much to see and she said she'll come back to do a follow-up piece about the arrival of the first cat.

she'll let us know when the piece goes online and I, in turn, will tell you (and lots of others) where to find it. For the moment, here are some photos of those two new ginger kittens. The fluffier of the two is the one that sat on my knee.

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george harris said...

I am interested in a ginger cat could you please get back to me on 01915512012 thanks or 07818144848