Friday, 4 May 2012


Busy morning. 

After swimming it was up to Asda to empty the donated pet food bin and then on to Sainsbury's to do the same. Back at home I emptied the van, sorting the food in the process, getting it ready for Susan to do a tip run from the shop, though it ended up us doing it together. Then back to the shop to collect the kitten. 

His owner works at the old peoples home where Susan's mother resides hence the connection. He'd homed two of the litter, kept one, and passing the last on to us. Susan and I went home and let the kitten have the run of the living room while I went and loaded the van back up with cat food. By this time Susan wanted to keep the kitten but I insisted we keep to our agreement of no more kittens or cats. Nine is enough. The first photo is at our house. The second is at Carole's where the kitten has made a new friend. He's a lovely little thing, happy to be held, friendly and curious.

While at Carole's I took a few pictures of cats needing new homes.

The grey tabby was saved by us from being put to sleep because she, allegedly, attacked a baby. While we wouldn't re-home her where there are young children, Carole tells me she's a nice friendly cat which was certainly my experience of her this morning.

The long haired grey is young, recently neutered, and, again, very friendly if a little nervous when first approached.

The torty, again friendly, will be best off as the only cat in the house as Carole has had to put her in the cage because she wees and poos everywhere but the cat litter because she won't use a tray that's been used by other cats. This doesn't happen often with cats but often enough for it to be a recognised behavioral trait in some.

Woah! Four posts in five days. Picking up.

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