Thursday, 31 May 2012


Carole got wind of someone selling kittens very cheaply so, concerned about the potential poor quality of homes they might end up in,she bought the lot. All eight of them are in this cat carrier because, as it turned out, they were all a little loose, they were on their way to the vets, along with the rag doll cat (see previous post) which isn't in the box but does have cystitis. Here are some more photos of them.

There are also a few more cats and kittens ready for re-homing. All are used to being handled and the older ones are all socialised with other cats, dogs, people, and vacuum cleaners. The big cat in the photo below is not related to the kitten, appearances to the contrary.

This nervous but friendly young cat was almost put to sleep by the PDSA but Carole agreed to take her.

This is the other rag doll who is recovering from an operation on her ear as you can see. All she wanted to do when I was there was sleep. They are both about eleven years old, give or take.
And this pretty little girl is going to her new home on Saturday.

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