Monday, 30 April 2012


Not a lot of note been happening recently so here are a few photos with brief explanations.

I took a couple of bunnies up to Tracy's at Burnhope as she thought she knew someone who'd take them. Last year I brought a cockerel through which for some reason couldn't be left with the others so instead it lives in a stable and is best friends with a rabbit.

A friend of Carole's has been taking excess mothers and kittens to foster. Needless to say she he has several cats of her own including a gorgeous but disabled persian.

A few weeks ago I picked up a stray three-legged cat and took it straight to Wendy the vet. She liked it so much she kept it as the practice cat. What she didn't realise was that it was pregnant and a week ago gave birth to four ginger kittens and a tortoiseshell. She has it set up so that there's a video camera which relays the image to a small screen on the counter. But I got in to see them.

The Saturday before last, our local Asda kindly allowed us to have a tombola stall in the foyer and we raised over three hundred pounds. I was there to help set up but after that I was off, though Susan had no shortage of people to help so I wasn't needed. Well, that's my excuse.

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