Wednesday, 30 May 2012


This is one of two rag dolls we've acquired this week. The other one is at the vets having an operation on one of her ears. This one is going tomorrow morning to get checked for cystitis. They aren't having a lot of luck.

It's been a quiet month which is why I haven't posted anything for a while. Almost no cats have been re-homed since the last post except for this cat which went on Monday. She's between 8 months and a year and was neutered last week. I brought a lady around my age to see Carole's cats and after a lot of thought chose this one. I'd have picked her as well as she absolutely loves people. When I took them back and was filling in an adoption form on the table, the cat jumped up on the table and rubbed against my face. She seemed relaxed in her new home almost as soon as she was out of the carrier. I'm sure they'll both be very happy.

Here's a couple of cute kittens wanting homes. Both are socialised with cats, dogs, and people.

Lastly, my perennial favourite, cats on a bed. These being my Daisy (with the pink nose) and Ted.

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