Thursday, 7 June 2012


A few months ago I wrote about a cat called Rosie that I'd rescued. She was owned by a couple who lived in a pit village down the coast and didn't want her any more because they decided to get a new kitten or a puppy. She was a bit of a flea bag and older than they claimed but we got her tidied up and she was recently re-homed with a Scientologist who's had older cats from us before.

Anyway, this week we got another call from the same couple who had found a young kitten in their back yard two days earlier. These people are so stupid that they actually think we'd believe them. It doesn't matter though because Carole and I agreed that it was best to get any animal away from them. So off I went and picked it up. Surprisingly, it actually was a young kitten of 6-8 weeks. Unsurprisingly it was covered in fleas. I thought it seemed a bit quiet and wasn't sure about its health but after a couple of days it's running around happily with Carole's other cats and kittens, play-attacking the latter. Here she is.

And here are some more kittens. The tabby (below) has just arrived and is still settling in. She's currently a little wild, growling and attacking anything that comes near here like my hand but I think it's more show, more defensive than actually aggressive.

Another new arrival, a little black kitten is, Carole tells me, extremely affectionate (when not actually eating).

And lastly here's here's another photo of the kittens from last time, all cuddling up together and sleepy.

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