Wednesday, 28 September 2011


Short answer: I took these photos in our living room this morning.

And she's not going anywhere. She's with us for life. She's our Cat No.9, the newest and, ironically, the oldest of our nine cats.

She isn't, however, the happiest of cats. Susan and I think she's been very stressed out by her time in the kennels. Although she has the option to wander anywhere in the house, mostly she stays in the living room either on a chair, the floor, or hiding under the settee. Apart from brief ventures into the kitchen, she only usually leaves the room to use one of the two litter boxes in the hall.

She likes me. I can state that as fact because she often comes up to me and I either pick her up or she'll climb (she can't jump) up onto my knee where she'll stay purring for anything from a few minutes or, if I let her, over an hour.

I've been a little concerned for her health so I took her to the vets earlier this week and some blood samples were taken for testing. Mostly the results were clear apart from a slightly high blood sugar level which is caused by either stress (which I think is mostly likely) or incipient diabetes. So I'm taking her back tomorrow morning for more blood samples to be taken and sent away to find out which it is.

Below are a few photos of our Ted on the bed with, first, Leo and then (Little) Bob who, though not as big as either of the other two, isn't so little any more. You can't tell from the photo but Bob has black whiskers which I don't remember seeing on a cat before.

I took this last photograph at the vets this afternoon. It's of a young feral female I dropped off to be neutered. She'll have a few days at Carole's to recover and then she'll go back where she came from.

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