Sunday, 4 September 2011


I've been loaded with cold this week which has restricted my activities somewhat. I have been fostering a young cat about eight months and both of us were getting too fond of him so he has now gone to another fosterer. He's young, he's healthy, he's local and I've put posters up in both shop windows resulting in two enquiries but neither from his original owner.

Carol has a couple of re-homeable kittens, a brother and sister, who are both adorable and purr as soon as picked up. Alas, they move like lightning making it very difficult to get a good picture of them.

Then there's a young greyish-blackish male, handed over by some kids, who isn't litter trained and seems a bit confused.
Lastly, a brother and sister, 11 weeks old, I picked up yesterday and have the blood loss to prove it. About eleven weeks old and nervous, they've been put in with him above. A few days with Carole will settle them all down I'm sure.

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