Sunday, 11 September 2011


My cold has gone but, as usual, it's left me with a phlegmy chest which will make me cough and retch for a few more weeks until my chest finally clears up. This also stops me swimming. But not running around after cats.

Sunday evening I got a frantic call from A. who owns Tammy, a grey cat we'd taken in for a while. I told her she'd have to wait until the morning when I'd take it to the vets, which I duly did. The vet checked her over but couldn't find anything. I asked about temperature which he hadn't checked her for other than by touch. He got the thermometer out and Tammy did have a temperature so she got a jab. I brought her back the next morning and her temperature had gone down a little but antibiotics were needed. Hopefully these will have worked.

Monday I picked up a cat from an elderly couple at Houghton who were going on holiday until Friday and Carole was looking after it.

Thursday afternoon and I took a couple and their shar pei, Kaiser, to the new PDSA hospital on North Hylton Road not that far from Carole's. It had developed an ear infection which needed treating. To my surprise, the place wasn't packed and we didn't have to wait very long, which is not my usual experience with the PDSA. Don't get me wrong, unlike the RSPCA, I have a very high opinion of the work the PDSA does. The dog was treated but their qualifying information was out of date which necessitated a trip to the Housing Offices, thankfully not too far away. Kaiser was a placid dog, just big and strong. I chatted to a few people while I waited, plugging Animal Krackers at every opportunity.  Here's Kaiser.

 Friday, morning, I picked up three females for neutering at Roker Park. Later that morning I got a call asking if we could take a 6-month old neutered male. Yes we could. I collected him on my way to the vets to pick up the others. Not surprisingly, he was older than 6 months but still a young cat with a lovely soft coat and a friendly placid manner; very re-homeable. 

At Roker Park, I had to see the vet about one of the cats, about 3/4 years old who'd had several litters poor thing. During the operation there'd been a large bleed and they'd had to open her along her underneath to stop it, so she needed monitoring and bringing back for a checkup the next day. Paid a bill of over £900.00 while I was there and called in at JP Pet Supplies on the way back to Carole's to pay off her cat litter bill. After dropping off the cats I took the one she'd been fostering for a week back to its owners at Houghton.

Saturday morning, picked up the cat which I decided to call Jessie and went to the vets and waited and waited. For nearly an hour as there'd been a series of emergencies. These things happen. I spread the AK word, made a fuss of any nearby dogs, spent two minutes with the vet who gave Jessie some antibiotics, then back to Carole's and then back home. Over two hours for two minutes. And just as I'd shut the door, the phone rang.

A lady, who had been told several weeks ago that she was being moved into a tower block, and had given her cat over to Carole had just found out that she wasn't being moved after all and wanted the cat back. Said cat, however, had since been re-homed. Carole offered her the young cat I'd brought the day before (see above) and she accepted so it was back to Carole's  to take it to its new home. The woman was delighted with him, as I knew she would be -he really is a loveable little thing.

Today, Susan and a heavily loaded van and several other AK people have gone through to an animal event at Newcastle. So I have the house to myself for several hours and no running around. Bliss.

Lastly here is a photo of a very friendly neutered male 2-year old wanting a new home.

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