Friday, 22 July 2011


But first, I got a call from Carol this morning about Beauty, one of two females I'd taken to Roker Park Vets on Wednesday morning to be neutered. Somehow she had managed to pull out all her stitches. So it was off to the vets to have them replaced and a collar put around her neck. I hate those collars, thin plastic funnel-shaped which are uncomfortable for the cats, make it difficult for them to eat, and get messy easily. This time, however, and at additional cost, something new -an inflatable rubber collar which is much more comfortable for the cat, allows them to eat freely, but stops them getting at the wound.
Much better.

And seeing as I was at Carol's, I thought I may as well take some photos of the mother cat who is currently nursing kittens from three different litters including her own.

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