Saturday, 2 July 2011


But first, one that I picked up this afternoon from the quayside area and took to Carol's. S/he's about 9 weeks old and howled the whole way.

And now the one you've all been waiting for... 

In just a moment.

I put the kitten in a big cage in our living room overnight. It's so big that I could get in the scratching post. I covered the floor with paper and put the litter tray on top of it. I also left food and milk as well as a nice thick blanket for it to sleep on.

Next morning, I found it had ignored the litter tray and instead wet and soiled the newspaper. Omigord! An untrained kitten! However, I wondered if something else might be the reason. So off I went to Asda to get cheap clumping litter and used it to replace the wood chippings we prefer (light and easy to clean). Within half an hour, the kitten was happily wee-ing and poo-ing away in the new litter.

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