Sunday, 31 July 2011


This is Josie. She isn't the prettiest of cats and she isn't the most photogenic either. But she does possess a certain je ne sais quoi. No, that isn't true, I know exactly what that certain something is. Let me tell you about it.

Thursday morning and I'd been busy. My usual swim followed by a trip to the post office to put a couple of items I'd sold through Amazon Marketplace in the mail. After a brief return home, it was off to Carol's to pick up her and several cats for a trip to the vets. One was Beauty who needed her eye checking. Then there was a litter of kittens (including the tiny ginger one) who had some kind of substance on the front claws. This turned out to be nothing really and was easily removed with a finger nail scraping it off. Then  there was Baby who has the nasal problem for a checkup.

After dropping Carol off I had another couple of places to visit and finally called in at the shop to have a quick chat with Susan. Two minutes after I got home, Susan called me back to the shop as two lads had arrived with an abandoned young cat they'd found in the centre of Newcastle. One of them was thinking of keeping it but wanted it checked out. I rang Roker Park and they could see it immediately so the three of us went down. Apart from being a little underweight she was otherwise fine. I suggested that I'd keep for a couple of days as the lad who wanted it, while used to animals, needed to get his head together. He said he ring me the next day which he didn't, nor yesterday.

Meanwhile, Josie is ensconced in my living room. I did think of putting her in a cage in the garage but then thought again.
She's a quiet cat with erratic eating habits but that may be her just getting used to being here. Her bowels were a bit lose so I got some wormer from the vets. That seemed to quickly do the job until this morning while I was having my breakfast and she...  Well, I'm sure you can guess the rest.

Although younger, not much over a year the vet guessed, she isn't playful and is frightened of other cats. She does, however, like people. Almost as soon as I sit down in a chair she's over and jumping on my knee where she settles down, purring softly as I stroke her. 

Obviously I'm not keeping her. If I can give up a cute little grey kitten for re-homing I can give up any cat. But I don't think living with that lad would be suitable for her. She needs a quiet animal-free  and ideally child-free home with someone prepared to give her a lot of affection. Once I've had her neutered on Wednesday, I'll put her photo up on the website.

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