Tuesday, 5 July 2011


What I know about frogs.

There is a song which was popular in the 50's about frogs called Froggie In The Morning.* It goes like this:

Froggie in the morning/ Froggie in the evening/ Froggie at supper time/ Won't you be my little froggie/ and ribbit all the time.

I know that they don't spend most of the time hopping around. They are too lazy for that. Instead their preferred mode of transport is by the mouth of a cat. Usually, they are carried by their bodies though they don't seem to mind being picked up by the head either. When they want to visit my garden, they wait for one of my cats to come along and carry them from their garden to mine. Then, when they are finished playing, they wait for me to pick them up and drop them back over their own fence.

Sometimes they let themselves be carried indoors. On Sunday morning, one frog wanted to come upstairs. When it had finished investigating the underside of the vacuum cleaner, it hopped into the bedroom to see Susan. Susan appreciated this friendly visit by the loud noise she made. She insists it was an exclamation of delight and not a scream. Perhaps I spoiled the visit by taking the frog away too quickly.

And that's what I know about frogs.

*This is a lie.

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