Monday, 12 July 2010


The last couple of times I picked up and cuddled Meg, she seemed calmer and gave no sign of threatening to attack. Until this afternoon. I was in the garage with Alex, my nephew, who was helping me put a couple of flatpack shelf units together which, in the event didn't need putting together as the already attached shelves folded down and slotted into place. There were, however, gaps on the shelves themselves which Alex solved by cutting out pieces of cardboard to fit the space otherwise paperbacks or DVDs or CDs would have fallen through.

While he was busy cutting I picked up Meg who'd been howling for attention. In less than half a minute she attacked my face with teeth and claws leaving me bleeding. After bathing the wounds and putting on some Savlon you could hardly see the marks, though two bloodstained tissues attest to the efficacy of the attack. 

So I'm afraid that Meg will not be getting any cuddles. I'll pet her through the bars of the cage but that's all she's getting.

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