Tuesday, 27 July 2010


This is Dan the 18 month old tom cat I rescued from the pissheads down Hendon (see previous post) last Friday. In the three and a half days I've had him he's been neutered and seems a little more secure. He's very friendly towards me and I now let him out in the garage for half an hour twice a day while I'm there. I was worried that he'd go to ground but that isn't the case and he often comes straight to me when he hears my voice. He's still nervous and uncertain but I do think he'll make someone a nice pet.
And then there's Daisy whose position here is a little less than secure because Susan can't really cope with her running around and jumping on any cat she can find. I'm still giving her the panacur for the diarrhea which had dried up but her faeces are getting soft again. Still is still, however, very cute and affectionate -when she's not leaping around destroying everything. Once her bowels are properly cleared up I'm afraid she'll end up being rehomed. Dan will be on the website fairly soon too.

 The other cat is Leo.

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