Thursday, 8 July 2010


First thing, off to Carol's to take two young females to the vets for neutering. An hour later and just as I was about to leave for my Wednesday coffee morning with retired library colleagues, Susan told me had to go pick up some bathroom tiles. The reason for that was because we were having our bathroom refitted.

So off we went to the tile shop and bought 13 boxes of 1 metre square tiles which I carried from the car to our indoors which is harder work than you might think given my age and general feebleness.

I don't have any other relevant photos of today's activities so here's a picture of Carol's outdoor run.
They aren't really Siamese twins.

One of the cats I'd taken to the vets was giving Carol a bit trouble and she wondered if I'd take it in and give it some tlc to try and relax it. This meant keeping her into a cage in the garage, though I'd try to let have some time in a room in our house and see how she behaved. This has just started.

I also had to pick up an elderly lady and her elderly and injured (possibly broken hind leg) cat (which also turned out to be blind and did have a broken leg) and take them to the PDSA. The lady was 84, she'd had a stroke, several operations, walked with the aid of a stick, and wasn't as sharp as she might have been.  Max the cat turned out to be almost completely blind and the vet wanted to keep him back to sedate him for an x-ray. I dropped the neutered cat back at Carol's, took the old lady home, went back home myself and loaded the van with some of the remains of our bathroom which I then took to the council tip and from then to pick up the cat from the PDSA and drop off Max back at home along with the various instructions I passed on from the vet about Max's care.

After that I had to go to another house where a lady had been feeding a young stray tortoiseshell in order to check it hadn't been microchipped, which it hadn't. Problem was we couldn't take it as we are currently totally full. Luckily there's no hurry as, although the woman doesn't want to keep the cat, she's quite happy having it stay in her garden and feed it for the short term at least. It is a nice little thing and very re-homeable so I've kept her details.

All this lot had kept me busy from around 2.30 -7.30.
And this is the sister of Nosfuratu (whose real name is Rolley).

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