Sunday, 4 July 2010


Well, we've got a white van, what would you expect it to be used for?

Four o'clock yesterday afternoon and I had to deliver a three piece suite that an elderly lady had bought from us. So, with help, I got it loaded into the van -it just fit- and drove the half mile to its new home. Thankfully the elderly lady had a fit grandson who was able to take most of the load.

While in the room I glanced out the back window and noticed that her back yard had been partly converted into a small garden area and there were two cats in it. She actually had four and all were rescued which is nice. One of them a grey female was halfway up the stairs and I was told she was nervous and didn't really like men. Nevertheless I approached her and she was happy for me to stroke her. In fact, when I stopped she followed me downstairs so I could pet her some more. Damn but I wish I'd been as successful with human females when I was younger as I am with cats.

That done I then went to call on Ann and Joe late of the now defunct Star Rescue who had a three-piece suite (which is this case consists of a couch and one chair and yes it confuses me too) for Carol's new outdoor pen. Thankfully they came with me. To be honest, I didn't think it was possible to fit them through the very narrow passageway -wall on one side, shed on the other- but amazingly we managed. I didn't take any photos of the area with it in; that'll have to wait for another time, but here are some before's. 
Note Nosfuratu the Immoveable on the couch.
This area is still a work in progress and I'll be photographing the changes for this blog as they appear.

12.45 this afternoon and Andrea and I headed off to Seaham to pick up two pregnant dogs aged three and one, the older dog being the mother of the younger. The dogs were looked after and very friendly but the woman had no idea really how care for them properly. She didn't have much idea about anything as just out of shot in one of the photos below is her pregnant 15 year old daughter. We took the dogs back to the shop and within half an hour a Stray-Aid van came to pick them up  to take them to Coxhoe for neutering and re-homing and that was that.

Apart from Susan insisting she wants one. This one.
That's the one on the left. She isn't so sure about the one on the right.
Oh yes, almost forgot. The shop was burgled on Saturday night. The police reckon that someone forgot to lock the back door though someone is adamant he did and that they hid while the shop was being locked up. That next door's back gate was broken in (not out) just suggest that the police were right.
Anyway they didn't get much -about £30.00 in cash and trashed the office but left the desktop pc. A laptop might have been more attractive I suppose.


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