Monday, 25 January 2010


Carol has managed to re-home four cats today, including two that were taken from their owner, who sadly has bowel cancer, only this morning. I can't remember which the other two were as I'd never seen one of them (the cat belonging to a squaddie who was about to be posted to Germany with his family, and apparently a lovely friendly little thing). If only every day was like this.

I was supposed to go and pick the two cats up but couldn't. I seem to have come down with another bug, some kind of chest infection, muzzy headache, and weariness combo. I was also supposed to be dropping off Molly the calico cat from last week (to be rehomed on Thursday) at the vets tomorrow morning for neutering, and taking another one to a different vets for a post-operative checkup but I've cried off those as well. Thankfully, Ian F is happy to do the runs.

Can't remember if there's anything scheduled for Wednesday, but on Thursday I've got to fetch Molly from Carol's so she can be picked up here by her new owner.

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