Thursday, 28 January 2010

Molly and co.

This is Molly the cat from a broken home. She was neutered a couple of days ago and I picked her up from Carol's this morning and had her at home for a couple of hours which gave me a chance to get to know her.

The photos don't do her justice as I've never seen a cat with markings like hers -patterned ginger and tabby. She has a sweet nature, being very friendly and I thought her new owner would fall in love with her straight away. And she did thanks to the clever little cat making a fuss of her and her not quite three year old son. Her husband is a big cat lover and her two other kids aged 5 and 6 were dying to see her. She's gone to a nice quiet area surrounded by countryside and is going to be loved to pieces.

The next cat is a recent arrival at Carol's, a very friendly light tortoiseshell who should find a home very quickly.

Last is an elderly black cat who is recovering from a goitre removal. It's not a very good picture because I'm a lousy photographer. I took a couple of dozen of the previous two cats before I could get one in which they weren't moving.

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