Saturday, 23 January 2010


Caturday (Saturday). Just been up to Asda to get cat food for Carol and kitten food for the feral kitten at Lynn's. Carol has just phoned to say that old Ted, one of the two skinny tabbies we took to the vet's last week, has died in his sleep. He was old and frail and the only thing strong about him was his loud cry.

Following negotiations on Wednesday night, a guy called Simon came up from Teeside, via Seaham, to bring his step-daughter's young calico female. His step-daughter had just moved in with him and the girl's mother, plus her her children, after being abused by her partner and the cat was one thing too many. Also he has dogs. Luckily a colleague of Susan's has agreed to take it in a week's time. Meanwhile it's in Carol's care.

Bonnie, our eldest at 15, has just been diagnosed with arthritis in her back legs, plus she seems to be having a bit too much diarrhoea, so she has medicine three times daily and a pill twice. Bonnie, much as I love her, is a bit of a psycho-cat and does not take kindly to having pills thrust down her throat or medicine squirted into her mouth as the scabs on my hands attest and that's despite wrapping her in a blanket.

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