Wednesday, 20 January 2010


This is a post about nothing much because, as the title says, it's been a very quiet week.

Saturday, I did my regular cat food shop for Carol at Asda and also picked up some kitten food for John who is the gentleman who's looking after the first feral kitten we trapped. He called round for it in the afternoon with his wife, whom I'd hadn't met before, and they are both lovely kind people devoted to cats.

Dropped off the cat food to Carol on Sunday morning.

Earlier this week I emailed Cats Protection asking for another pad of neutering vouchers which are now on their way. I emailed asking about how old they advise that kittens should be before neutering as I'd heard it could be younger than the traditional six months. The reply was that they recommend any time after 3 months. I'll have a word with the vets who normally do this for us and see what they say.

Rang Lynn a few minutes ago to see how the feral kitten was after a week in her care. It's coming along nicely, uses the litter tray, is interested in the other cats, doesn't behave aggressively when handled but still nervous but then its only been a week. Very promising.

I may have to pick up a cat from Dawdon in County Durham on Friday and arrange for it to be neutered and possibly pick up a cat from Roker Park vets on Friday afternoon, Ian F having dropped it off in the morning for an operation to remove a goitre.

A quiet week on the cat front. I had coffee this morning (which I do almost every Wednesday) in the city centre with 2 ex-colleagues from the library, Denise and Sylvia, whom I've known for 40 years and they retired the same year I did (2008). Both are cat-lovers, fortunately, as I usually spend a lot of time updating them about my cat activities -neither have computers so they don't read this blog. Early tomorrow evening we're off to a retirement do at a pub for Phil the local history librarian. Must try to talk about something other than cats.

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