Monday, 5 January 2015


Part the First: adoptions.

On New Years Day, Joanna homed the kitten Frazzle and on Jan 2nd she homed the kitten Sherry. Also on 2nd Jan, three adult cats were adopted at Ferry Farm: Timmy, Minnie, and Ted, all graduates of the Ian Williams School of Feline Deportment. So, five in the first two days of 2015, a good start with promises of more to come (or go) his week.

Part the Second: arrivals.

Some come. some go.

Arrived are: Albert & Victoria, Lightning, Gemma, and Bettie. Only one of them is one I've been fostering.

Part the Third: Rikki and His Friends

Rikki is one of my cats and he's gone through the wars a bit. He's had an operation on his eyelids because of ingrowing hairs. He was pining on his own Ferry Farm so I brought him here. He's got into a habit of over-grooming so he's on his second lot of different pills. Despite this, he's a friendly loveable boy.

Another cat I'm having a problem with his Arya. Now she's a lovely affectionate young girl but... She has a flea allergy and at one time had several large scabs over her body. All of these are gone now and she's flea-free. Well, all but one scab. This keeps healing only for her to scratch it open again. At one time it had completely healed leaving healthy bare skin. Which, a couple of days later, she raked open again. So I took her to the vets again about this where she had a couple of injections and Wendy the vet came some cream for her. This is what the scab looks like.

And then there's Tomas. He's actually a nice boy. With a quirk. This afternoon while I was on the phone after making a fuss of him, he climbed on top of my shoulder so I could continue what I'd started. He is getting quite friendly and isn't as nervous as he used to be. But he doesn't half howl a lot, loudly, and long. I may be imagining it (I hope not) but it didn't seem quite so long a session late this afternoon. I live in hopes.

And here's a photo of Fifi.

Part the Fourth: Animal Krackers on Facebook.

I've been a member of Facebook for a little while but only recently joined the Animal Krackers Facebook page and once there I realised what a good thing it is and wished I'd joined sooner. A perfect example of why it's a good thin happened a couple of days ago.

I got a call from a woman who lived just around the corner from me about a cat which had been hanging around for a week so, as I'd decided Tomas could manage without being in the conservatory, I went round to have a look. I found a big ginger and white intact male sitting on op of the plastic rubbish bin outside her house. It let me stroke it and pick it up so I took it home, took a photo and put it and what details I had up on the AK Facebook page, quickly receiving a number of helpful replies. One reply linked to a post of a missing cat which looked very like this one. Not long after, a guy knocked on my door and said it was his sister's and he'd be round in the morning. I asked him to come in and look at it but he didn't. After that the person who posted the lost similar cat got in touch, sent me a photo, and, to cut a long story short, I took it round that same evening and there was no question that this was her cat. He went into into a small living room where several people came and made a fuss of him without him being phased. This was his home from which he'd been missing for six weeks. Result!
His name is Toffy.

Part the Fifth: There is no Part the Fifth. 

That's yer lot for now.

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